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2023 09/22

Lawyer Gao Peng was invited to participate in the Seed Industry Intellectual Property Protection and Application Promotion Action (2023) activity

On September 21, 2023, under the guidance of the Seed Industry Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and sponsored by the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the People's Government of Xuzhou, the "Seed Industry Intellectual Property Protection and Application Promotion Action (2023)" was held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, organized by the Xuzhou Agricultural Science Research Institute of Xuhuai Region and Xuzhou Xinsheng Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Lawyer Wang Haiyang, the head of the seed industry lawyer team at Gaopeng Law Firm, and lawyer Qu Shuai, the partner, were invited to attend the meeting.

2023 09/20

Professor Han Liang, consultant to Gaopeng, was invited to attend the seminar on "China Arbitration Week - Trust Dispute Resolution"

On September 12, 2023, the "China Arbitration Week Trust Dispute Resolution Seminar" jointly organized by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, the Law School of Nankai University, and the China Trust Industry Association, with the support of the Financial Arbitration Professional Committee of the China Arbitration Law Research Association, was successfully held at the Beijing Federation of Trade Arbitration. Han Liang, Senior Advisor at Gaopeng Law Firm and Professor at Nankai University Law School, presided over the meeting and participated in topic questioning and discussion.

2023 08/30

Skilled in business and dedicated to their duties - Lawyers Sun Jiaqi and Li Zongjiang were awarded a banner

On the morning of August 30, 2023, Ms. Yang, the client, sent a banner to Gaopeng Law Firm, with the words "exquisite business and dedicated responsibility" written on the banner. This is Ms. Yang's sincere gratitude to Sun Jiaqi, a senior partner of Gaopeng Law Firm, and Li Zongjiang, a partner, for providing legal services to her.

2023 08/09

Cao Li, the director of the Nanjing branch, was elected as the deputy supervisor of the Nanjing Lawyers Association

On the morning of August 6, 2023, the 9th Lawyers' Congress of Nanjing was held at the Jiangsu Provincial Convention Center. Jiang Min, Vice President of the All China Lawyers Association, Xu Jinhui, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Communist Party of China Nanjing Municipal Committee, Zhang Yijun, Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice, Chang Heping, Deputy Mayor of Nanjing, Li Dahai, Secretary and Director of the Party Group of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, Xu Xiaojie, Deputy Secretary and Director of the Party Group of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, Wang Qing, full-time Deputy Director of the Office of Rule of Law of the Nanjing Municipal Committee, and relevant leaders of the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court and the Nanjing People's Procuratorate attended the opening ceremony. This conference reviewed and summarized the work of the 8th Council over the past four years, and elected the new leadership team of the Nanjing Lawyers Association. Lawyers Cao Li, Ding Chuxiao, and Huang Ying, the directors of Beijing Gaopeng (Nanjing) Law Firm, attended the 9th Nanjing Lawyers' Congress as representatives. Gao Peng, Director of Nanjing Lawyer Cao Li, was elected as the Vice Chairman of the 4th Nanjing Law Association Supervisory Board.​

2023 08/02

The Gaopeng Development Committee's "Development and Win Win" Symposium was Successfully Held

In order to actively and steadily expand the law firm's business, strengthen cooperation and communication between Gaopeng Beijing headquarters and local offices, on July 31, 2023, the "Development and Win-win" symposium initiated by Gaopeng Development Committee was successfully held in the conference room of Gaopeng Law Firm's Yangzhou Office, with over 50 participating lawyers participating in the thematic discussion.

2023 09/18

Yuan Yuan's lawyer team provides high-quality, efficient and precise defense, and the client is acquitted within 30 days of detention

Recently, Lawyer Yuan Yuan, a senior partner of Beijing Gaopeng Law Firm, organized a case of H infringing on citizens' personal information, which was co organized by Lawyer Zang Xueliu and intern Lawyer Yang Lin. The team intervened as soon as possible during the investigation phase of the case. After meeting with the detention center, sorting out the case, and communicating with the investigation authorities in a timely and effective manner. The public security organs ultimately decided to adopt the defense counsel's opinion, and H was acquitted within 30 days of being detained.

2023 09/14

Lawyer Gaopeng provides precise legal services to effectively help enterprises resolve criminal risks

Lawyers Dong Xiaohua and Chen Cong, senior partners of Gaopeng Law Firm, handled the case of J Company facing criminal charges and criminal compliance. After submitting targeted legal opinions and sufficient communication, the criminal risks were resolved and compliance rectification was avoided.

2023 08/09

Nanjing Branch won many honors such as advanced law firm and exemplary individual for talent cultivation

2On August 5, 023, in order to praise the advanced, carry forward the righteousness, encourage the law firms and lawyers in the city, as well as the service personnel of the industry managers, to strive bravely and make contributions on the new journey, and promote the high-quality development of the lawyer industry in the city, the Nanjing Lawyers Association issued the "Nanjing Lawyers Association's Decision on Praising exemplary organization and exemplary individual in the Lawyer Industry in 2020-2022" 205 outstanding lawyers and 18 industry management service personnel were commended and commended.

2023 07/25

Lawyer Gao Peng Recovers Nearly 100 Million Yuan of Losses for Customers

Recently, the lawyer team led by Guo Jinhui, a senior partner of Gaopeng Law Firm, received a first instance judgment from the court regarding a dispute over a housing lease contract for a client (a state-owned unit in Beijing). The case went from the initial passive situation where the customer (lessor) faced the need to compensate the lessee for more than 60 million yuan in renovation, expansion, and decoration fees, to the final reversal and winning the lawsuit. In total, it saved the customer nearly 100 million yuan in losses, which was extremely difficult.

2023 07/20

Is the suspect involved in criminal punishment for internet company recharge being "stolen"?

Recently, a certain internet company (pseudonym "Feishu Company") discovered that its network service platform system had been "hacked" and recharged by the internet, and reported the case in Shanghai. Shanghai public security filed a case of fraud, and preliminary statistics showed that more than 200 people were involved in the case across the country, with a total amount of money exceeding 100 million. After a suspect involved in the case was detained by criminal law, his family entrusted lawyers Lin Tengyu and Wu Shengze from Beijing Gaopeng (Shenzhen) Law Firm as defenders. After defense, the suspect was decided not to be arrested by the prosecution.

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Areas of expertises

Corporation law is one of the main legal service provided by Gaopeng & Partners.

International trade team of Gaopeng & Partners is composed by senior partners and legal and accounting professionals.
The team ranks at the top tier in China for our legal practice and legal performances.

Antitrust law is one of the main legal service provided by Gaopeng & Partners.
Since 2014, we have been recognized as one of the best law firm in Antitrust area by international rating organizations such as Chambers and Whoswholegal.

Gaopeng & Partners provides legal service in Main Board, ChiNext, STAR Market, BSE, NEEQ and overseas capital market. Our capital market legal services include company compliance, restructure and reorganization, IPO and list, M&A, and bond.

Gaopeng & Partners is the perennial legal counsel for many famous domestic and internantional banks and financial institutions.

Financial trust is a economic activity which credit based asset owner commit the trustee to manage the asset for the purpose of getting profit or others.
It is developed and revolved from tangible item trust,and a necessary outcome of modern credit economy.

Gaopeng&Partners has the best legal talents as first part of lawyer practiced in the area of real estate in China.
We accumulated lots of experience by solving our clients’problems,and have a good understanding of clients’legal requirements.

Gaopeng & Partners has a professional fund related legal service team
We have much experience on issuing and listing public funds, registering, amending and recording private funds management institutions, and for the whole process of fund-raising, investing, operating, and withdrawing of private funds.

Gaopeng & Partners has a professional comprehensive legal service team for Japanese enterprises,
Our clients include many world famous Japanese companies.

Civil and commercial dispute resolution has always been the core business of Gaopeng & Partners.
We are capable to deal with latest, complicated and important dispute, and provide professional, efficient and practical resolution to our domestic and international client.

Intellectual property is a business field that Gaopeng has been cultivating for years. Our businesses include US 337 investigations, data and privacy protection, patents, trademarks, copyrights, new plant varieties, anti-unfair competition, anti-counterfeiting, anti-monopoly related to intellectual property abuse, trade secrets, domain names, E-commerce, network transmission, cultural media, franchising and many other fields. Gaopeng has helped many multinational companies in computer software and hardware, medical equipment, consumer goods, semiconductors and communications industries to protect their intellectual property rights in China. At the same time, we have also helped many Chinese companies design and implement their global intellectual property strategies, providing integrated service on intellectual property acquisition, management, infringement litigation and other complex challenges faced by customers, helping them maximize the value of intellectual property rights. In the field of new plant varieties, Gaopeng provides legal services including the application and protection of new plant variety rights, drafting and revision of new plant variety contracts, settlement of civil and administrative disputes over new plant variety rights, and legal services on intellectual property rights and non-litigation issues in the field of seed industry.

Maritime lawyers at Gaopeng & Partners have long been rendering legal services related to shipping disputes and non-contentious matters in maritime business to trading companies, freight forwarders, logistics companies,ship owners, operators, charters, shipping agents and P&I clubs.

Gaopeng is one of the first PRC law firms that has a distinguished practice in Chinese media, entertainment and sports industries.
We have a deep understanding in those industries, summarized the periodical industrial questions and figured out the solutions. Therefore we could efficiently satisfy clients’ requirements.

Gaopeng has rich experiences in rendering the professional legal service for renowned domestic enterprises in the areas of auto spare parts industry, entire car assemblage, import & export of auto products, sale of auto products, etc. We have a team of experienced lawyers specialized in auto industry.

We counsel legal opinion for big commercial enterprises and retailors
Help enterprises to avoid potential legal risks and help them to operate stably, save cost, and avoid loss of economy and commercial reputation.

For many years Gaopeng&Partners continue to serve in life science and medical health area
We focuse on understanding and studying the frontier questions of life science and creative development of technology.We have excellent lawyer team and have precise and timely understanding for any update of laws and policies in this industry.

Gaopeng lawyers focus on domestic education legal service for more than 20 years
We have professional education organization legal service team.We have long time been entrusted as the legal counsel of educational administrative department and many high schools and primary schools.

Gaopeng is the counsel for the PRC State Tobacco Administration since 2001,and we have a professional industry team.

Gaopeng & Partners were listed in the first 100 bankruptcy administrators approved by Beijing Senior People’s Court in 2007 and again listed in the second 50 bankruptcy administrators in 2018.
For years, Gaopeng & Partners rely on solid cooperation between each offices and build a good reputation of our bankruptcy practice in North China and Yangtze Delta Area.

Gaopeng&Partners have affluent experience in the areas of disposal of non-performing assets,debt restructure,debt/equity swap,asset management,asset sale,asset lease,asset replacement,and asset securitization.

Corporation law system in our country has become well established day by day, the market identities face more and more supervision in their daily operation.
Under this background, it has been more important to enhance the build of corporation compliance and corporation governance.

Big data era enlarged the racetrack of market competition, and confer big commercial value on the data enterprises owned.
Under this background, the market identities will take advantages once they well utilize their data resource.

Our lawyers in tax law team graduated from famous universities with major of tax law.
The team holds the principle of “capable to prevent and solve tax risks and solve”, focuses on tax dispute resolution for ten years, and has provided tax law service to dozens of national and local tax authorities, and taxpayers.

It’s hard to start business and maintain the wealth.
When Chinese people ahead on the road of common rich, it’s important for the rich individuals and families to create, manage, and inherit their wealth.

Our lawyers in marital and family law practice graduated from famous Chinese law schools, some of them have abundant experience of civil and commercial trail.
They are good at dealing with all kinds of marital and inherit cases.

Widely considered as one of earliest and foremost specialized team of assembled practitioners
Gaopeng & Partners’ Labor and Human Resources (HR) Practice Group was established for the purpose of providing professional legal services for our clients in this area of law.

Insurance team of Gaopeng & Partners help insurance company, insured and insurance intermediary institution to cope with insurance dispute and other dispute of asset insurance and life insurance,
and represent client in insurance compliance and other non-litigation legal affairs.

Criminal practice of Gaopeng & Partners is one of our advantage business.
Our criminal lawyers are professional attorneys with good knowledge of company law, financial law and criminal law.

Gaopeng has acted as legal counsel for many large state owned enterprises, private enterprises, and publicly listed companies. Gaopeng also works with funds and financial institutions on overseas investment, financing, and cooperation projects such as FDIs, mergers and acquisitions, and engineering contracting. We also assist clients in the acquisition of overseas resources, technologies, brands, and markets as well as in the implementation of their global strategies.

Under the background of "Double Carbon", the ecological and environmental legal system and environmental judicial system have been preliminarily established, the concept of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) has become the frontier issues of enterprise development, which brings great opportunities to the resource and environmental legal business.

With the rapid development of the network economy and e-commerce, as well as the rapid progress of digital information and communication technology, the proportion of cross-border e-commerce (i.e. digital trade) in international trade of goods and services is growing faster and faster.