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Financial trust

That the finance trusts is that the assets (movable property , immovable property , finance assets etc.) owner who uses the credit basis is to earn profit or other purpose but one kind of economic behaviour entrusting bailee (trust and investment corporation) with property administration or treatment tentatively , its inevitable outcome being to develop and develop on basis trusting in material object , being modern credit economic growth.

Gaopeng law firms have the trust of the famous lawyer team. Gao penggui lawyer profound understanding the connotation of the trust system, a comprehensive grasp the trust, the contents of the regulatory rules follow the trend of financial reform and the thinking of financial supervision, proficient in use of the trust property management involves portfolio investment, real estate, municipal infrastructure, private equity funds, enterprise annuity, mineral resources, public welfare and other areas of law and policy. So far, gao penggui trust team has for many famous enterprises to provide year-round and project legal services.

Gaopeng trust team can provide the service the trust business type to include:

Negotiable securities investment class project

Personal stockholderundefineds rights investment class project

real estate investment projects

The infrastructure throws the financing project

Stockholderundefineds rights, creditorundefineds rights or band financing class projectBusiness management class project

Bank trust the items of the cooperation

Real estate trusts, asset securitization, and other items of the innovation

Other kinds of the trust project

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