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China Auto Industry

Gaopeng & Partners PRC. Law Firm has rich experiences in rendering the professional legal service for renowned domestic enterprises in the areas of auto spare parts industry, entire car assemblage, import & export of auto products, sale of auto products, etc., fostering a team of experienced lawyers that are currently serving for auto industry.

At present, we have a large number of clients in the entire car and spare parts industry area, including Beiqi Holding company, Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automotive Co.,Ltd., Senyang Polarsun Holding company and Norstar Automotive Industries Inc. etc.

In the auto trading business, we serve as the legal consultant for Ferrari Maserati Cars International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is the general distributor of Ferrari and Maserati sport cars in China, as well as nearly ten brand dealers of Ferrari and Maserati cars, Beijing Bei Xing Hang Automobile Sales Co.,Ltd., which is the brand dealer of China-made and imported Benz cars in north China, and Tianjin Star Automobile Service Co.,Ltd. etc.

The following is an introduction about the main legal services provided by our law firm for automobile industry:

Legal services for investment of automobile and auto spare parts production;

Legal services for setting up domestic and foreign-funded enterprises;

Legal services for auto spare parts and entire cars trade (import & export trade and processing trade);

Legal services for automobile finance, automobile rent, automobile maintenance and automobile product responsibility;

Legal services to transfer the intellectual property rights related to automobile; obtain authorized permission and solve disputes;

Legal services for litigation and arbitration.

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