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Quotation on the National equities exchange and quotations (NEEQ) for public transfer of shares

As part of Gaopeng & Partners’ financial market services, legal services provided for companies who apply for quotation on the NEEQ for public transfer of shares include: company compliance, restructuring and reorganization, quotation on the NEEQ.

Company compliance

According to practices in the area of taxation, labor relation, protection of intellectual property, M&A, financing and securities, Gaopeng & Partners could provide comprehensive plans for corporate governance structure and company compliance.

Our services including, but not limited to:

Draft the articles of association of the board of directors, rules of procedures, guidelines of company governance and other plans or procedures related to it.

Review the information disclosure documents related to company governance.

Provide the client with consultancy services on company compliance.

Provide the client with the changes of relevant laws and regulations and the corresponding specific implementation plans.

Legal counsel services: information disclosure, related transaction, witness shareholders meeting.

Restructuring and reorganization

Gaopeng & Partners is dedicated to provide the client with professional opinions on all aspects concerned with restructuring and reorganization, design the company’s shareholding structure in accordance with the requirements of the NEEQ, and to provide practical solutions on all important legal affairs related to restructuring and reorganization. In this field, Gaopeng & Partners could provide services on the company assets restructuring, share transferring, merger and split up, restructuring and reorganization, business stripping and separation, as well as disposal of business, etc..

Our services including, but not limited to:

Design the shareholding structure of the joint stock company.

Conduct the legal due diligence.

Draft, amend and review the related restructuring and reorganization documents.

Assist the implementation of the restructuring and reorganization plan.

Provide consultancy opinion on government examination and approval, filling and registration.

Quotation on the NEEQ

Gaopeng & Partners has accumulated a wealth of experience in the process of providing legal service for quotation on the NEEQ for public transfer of shares.

Our services including, but not limited to:

Conduct the legal due diligence with regard to pertinent matters of quotation on the NEEQ.

Negotiation with the security company and other intermediaries to solve the problems found in the due diligence.

Make application documents.

Issue the legal opinion according to the requirements of NEEQ for public transfer of shares.

Assist the company to relay the feedback of the related institution in conjunction with other intermediaries, issue special statement or supplementary legal opinion.

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