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Attorney Jinhui Guo Successfully Helped the Client Got Probation
Time: 2022-01-06 Browse volume: 175

Recently, attorney Jinhui Guo, senior partner of Gaopeng & Partners, was entrusted with the case of Yang who was suspicion of embezzlement. After the lawyer’s hard 犯罪work, the court adopted attorney Guo’s defense opinion, reduced Yang’s sentence and gave him a probation. Yang and his family appreciated to attorney Guo’s successful defense.

After attorney Guo was entrusted, he carefully reviewed the materials and arranged a meeting with Yang. After that, attorney Guo knew Yang involved into a joint embezzlement of state assets with other people, the total number of the assets is about 500,000 yuan. According to the law and related judicial interpretation, Yang may be sentenced to three to two years in jail, with fines or confiscation. Yang regretted about what he did and was willing to plead guilty.

To help Yang get sentence reduced and probation, attorney Guo instructed Yang positively surrendered the money he embezzled to judicial department. Then, after studied the case materials and communicated with the suspicion, attorney Guo delivered his defending opinion to the court, as following: 1)after being called by supervisory authority, Yang voluntarily accepted the investigations and truthfully confessed the fact of his crime; 2) Yang positively returned all the illegal money he acquired from the crime; 3) Yang voluntarily pleaded guilty and told all the truth; and 4) Yang was an accessory of the crime. Attorney Guo finally implored the court to consider all these circumstances and reduced the sentence to Yang.

After the trial, the court basically adopted attorney Guo’s defensing opinions. Although the court did not recognize Yang as an accessory, it took attorney Guo’s opinion that Yang made fewer effects in the crime. Finally, the court reduced Yang’s sentence to two years in jail with probation.

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