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Attorney Liyong Jiang is appointed as the off-campus practice mentor of law master of UIBE
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On December 30th, 2021, the Law School of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) held an mentor appointment activity in its Ningyuan Building. Attorney Liyong Jiang, senior partner of Gaopeng & Partners was appointed as the mentor of off-campus practice of law master.


During the activity, attorney Jiang did deep communications with the leaders, professors and law students from UIBE law school, and conduct preliminary discussions about legal practice and personal career pace. Attorney Jiang said being the mentor is a honor and a responsibility. In the future, attorney Jiang will spare no effort to provide directions and helps to law students in study method, legal practice and career plan.


After being appointed as the mentor, attorney Jiang will continue to use his professional expertise to perform his duty. By communication with the students, attorney Jiang will give professional directions and contribute to legal talent cultivation and legal industry development. Gaopeng & Partners will also insist to take social responsibilities and support the high level collage legal talent foster as usual.

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