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Lawyer Xiaohua Dong and Chengcheng Feng Successfully Defended to Have the Client Released on Bail
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Recently, lawyer Xiaohua Dong, senior partner of Gaopeng & Partners, and lawyer Chengcheng Feng, partner of Gaopeng & Partners, was entrusted with the case of ZHAO who was suspicion of illegal medical practice. After multilateral approach with the authorities and the suspicion, rapid collection of evidence by the lawyers, and timely submission of lawyer’s opinions, the client was finally released on bail pending trial, winning unanimous praise from ZHAO and his relatives.

In this case, after being entrusted, lawyer Xiaohua Dong accompanied with ZHAO to the police station to explain the situation. Then, after ZHAO was detained in Chaoyang Detention Center, the lawyers timely reserved to meet ZHAO to communicate the progress of the case, help ZHAO to analyze the condition, and conduct psychological counseling. And then, lawyer Dong and lawyer Feng for many times came to public security authority to find out the condition, apply for release on bail pending trial and provide the evidence they collected. However, their release on bail application was not approved. Under the circumstance that investigators did not inform the exact arrest-approval date, the two lawyers came to case-manage division of the procuratorate everyday to ask whether the arrest would be approved. When knowing the procuratorate took the case on November 17th and identified the undertaking prosecutor, the two lawyers timely provided the power of attorney, and submitted the legal advise which advised not to arrest ZHAO. After a frank communication between the two lawyers and the prosecutor, the prosecutor decided not to approve arrest based on the comprehensive facts and evidence. On November 24th, ZHAO was released on bail pending trial.

There are many reasons for ZHAO’s successfully released on bail. First, the client had fully trust with the lawyers, by sufficient communications with the client, the lawyer had a comprehensive knowledge of the case. Second, after ZHAO has been detained, the lawyers for many times came and met with the client, eased client’s nervous caused by the separation with his family, handled the active progress and took the key point of the case, which is more important. Third, the lawyers followed the case on time during the whole process, gave the legal advice and evidence at the very beginning, which provided a sufficient basis for the prosecutor to make the not-to-arrest decision.

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