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Trade Team Led by Lawyer Yi ZHANG of Gaopeng & Partners Wins a Complete Victory for the Tyre Vulcaniser Industry of China in India’s Anti-dumping Case
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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India announced the final verdict on the second sunset review of anti-dumping investigation into tyre vulcanisers from China on August 27,2021.In this case,the trade team led by Lawyer Yi ZHANG,senior partner of Geopeng&Partners,acted as the agent of Guilin Rubber Machinery Co.,Ltd.,China’s largest exporter,in the anti-dumping defense.We won a complete victory in the final verdict—terminating the case without collecting anti-dumping duties and industry damage,thus successfully opening up the world’s most important export market with a value of hundreds of millions yuan for China’s tyre vulcaniser industry.

The Indian government initiated the anti-dumping registration and investigation into tyre vulcanisers exported from China to India back in 2008,and has collected high anti-dumping duties for about 13 years from the first trial,the first retrial at the end of the term of anti-dumping duties to now,which has severely impeded and cut down the export of China’s tyre vulcanisers to India.This case not only puts a through end to the abovementioned 13-year trade barrier,but also represents a typical case that China’s tyre manufacturing equipment industry wins a complete victory in responding to overseas anti-dumping and other trade protection cases.This outcome does not come easily against the disadvantageous background that India vigorously practices trade protectionism and suppresses China’s export trade.

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