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QIAN WenjieSenior Partner

WTO and International Trade Intellectual Property

E-Mail: qinwenjie@gaopenglaw.com

ADD: Beijing Office

Dr. Qian has been studying the WTO International Trade Law in the European Union since 2000. Then she worked in the European Commission and participated in legal negotiations of several Sino-European cooperation projects. She has an in-depth understanding of the EU's economic and trade policies toward China. As a full-time lawyer, Lawyer Qian provides legal services in the fields such as international trade, dispute resolution and anti-monopoly in Gaopeng & Partners.

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PhD in Law, University of Glasgow, UK

LLB, Yunnan University, China

Professional Activities:

Member of All China Bar Association

Member of Beijing Bar Association

Work Experience:

Dr. Qian’s practice area focuses on international trade, intellectual property and dispute resolution. She also advises clients on export control and foreign investment.

In the field of international trade and WTO disputes, Dr. QIAN has represented the Government of China, exporting producers and Chambers of Commerce in a number of landmark trade investigations, such as the EU’s first anti-subsidy proceeding against China (Coated Fine Paper), China’s first WTO dispute against EU (DS397) and US first 337 investigation against steel products from China (investigation No. 337-Ta-1002).

In the EU Fasteners dispute (DS397), Dr. Qian acted as the legal counsel to MOFCOM, and the historic issue of “individual treatment” was settled in that case. As the result, EU amended the original Article 9.5 of its Basic Anti-Dumping Regulation on 3 September 2012, and the EU anti-dumping measures against fasteners from China was withdrawn on 27 February 2016.

Likewise, in the US 337 investigation against carton and alloy steel products from China (investigation No. 337-Ta-1002), Dr. Qian represented a major Chinese steel enterprise as respondent and won all the claims in that case.  

Practice Areas:

International trade law, ITC 337 section, intellectual property, dispute resolution.

Media interviews:

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US 337 investigation against steel products from China

Media interview with Dr. Wenjie Qian on 29 March 2018: http://trb.mofcom.gov.cn/article/zuixindt/201803/20180302725722.shtml

Global Times interview with Dr. Wenjie Qian on 22 March 2018: http://finance.huanqiu.com/chanjing/2018-03/11684279.html

21Century Finance interview with Dr. Wenjie Qian on 23 March 2018: https://m.21jingji.com/article/20180322/herald/efc78924b7e7fdcde0d3adaec7ac9616.html

US 232 investigation against China

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China-EU Fastener WTO trade dispute (DS397):

Seminar held by MOFCOM specifically for the WTO trade disputes represented by the Gaopeng team: http://trb.mofcom.gov.cn/article/bzcsdcpx/201604/20160401289456.shtml

Seminar held by Beijing Lawyer Association specifically for the WTO trade disputes represented by the Gaopeng team: http://www.shumeilaw.com/shanghai/falvxinwen/356.html


“Price Undertakings: A Peaceful Way to Terminate Anti-Dumping Investigations against China”, Journal of International Trade and Arbitration Law, March 2016;

“Guide to Trade & Customs in China”, Getting the Deal Through, July 2015;

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"The Dilemma of China as Respondent to Anti-Subsidy Proceedings: A Study of the First EU Anti-Subsidy Investigation against China", Issue 4, Journal of World Trade, Volume 46 (2012).

Working Language:

Mandarin and English

Work Place:


National Free Service Hotline:

Address:7th Floor, Tower B, Gateway Plaza, Xiaguangli No.18, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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